The Passover Celebration with Rabbi Cahn


This week, we are airing the Passover Celebration that Rabbi Cahn conducted here at Morningside.  This is a deeply spiritual event that is very timely with where we are in these Revelation Days in which we live.  There are so many things that are coming together right now – believers are coming back together, and Jew and Gentile are uniting in their recognition of Jesus’ soon return and the eternal drama that is reaching a crescendo in the earth.

We are seeing all of the signs of Jesus’ return in our world right now and they are increasing!  Just this week, we have seen even more meteors in the sky!  These are signs in the heavens and we must not miss them!

In all of the excitement, we are reminded of an ancient ordinance that God instructed over 3,000 years ago.  This is a permanent ordinance to remember Christ, our Passover Lamb and to prepare our hearts to receive Him when He comes again. Continue reading

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn “Home Again”

Rabbi Cahn packed the house yet again as he and Pastor Jim and Lori discussed the Passover and other major issues facing our nation and our world. The Rabbi called Morningside his “second home” and said every time he comes, he feels like he is back home again.

As the program began, Lori recalled how she had met Billye Brim in a local grocery store and asked her what the current word of the Lord is, and she replied without hesitation, “Jesus is coming very, very, very soon.” Lori added that Jesus is going to restore all things to His people, and then she talked about the amazing week she and Pastor Jim had just had in Fort Mill, South Carolina where they taped several shows from the grounds of Heritage International which is the former Heritage USA – built in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s by Pastor Jim and the PTL partners and friends. Continue reading

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Returns November 7th and 8th!

It’s going to be standing room only on Grace Street when Rabbi Jonathan Cahn returns for two days on the Jim Bakker Show, Wednesday, November 7th and Thursday, November 8th.

The New York Times best-selling author and Senior Pastor/Messianic Rabbi of Beth Israel Worship Center, Rabbi Cahn is known worldwide for the prophetic visions that God has given to him that he shared not only in The Harbinger, but also on the Jim Bakker Show and other international broadcasts. Continue reading

Revelation On Grace Street With Rabbi Cahn!

Rabbi Jonathan CahnIt was a morning of sheer ‘Revelation’ on Grace Street at Morningside as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn shared what the Lord has been doing in his life since the book “The Harbinger” was launched on the Jim Bakker Show on January 2, 2012, Pastor Jim’s birthday. “The Harbinger” remains on the New York Times bestseller list for the 28th week in a row and has now sold over 600,000 copies!

After catching up on current life events, the Rabbi and Pastor Jim began to share about the world situation and how despite all of the warnings the Lord is so graciously giving to this country, we continue to arrogantly defy Him and refuse to repent of our sins. The Rabbi said that America has more to answer to God for than any other nation (except Israel) because it was founded on Godly principles – the same principles that it now has turned its back on. Continue reading

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Joins Us Once Again!

The Summer of Prophecy at Morningside continues on July 31st and August 1st when Rabbi Jonathan Cahn will be presenting a two-day seminar in a special edition of the Jim Bakker Show.

Rabbi Cahn is a gift to the world in these Last Days. His revelation of the prophetic warnings the Lord is giving through 9/11 in his book “The Harbinger” sent chills down the spine, but there is more! These two days at Morningside will have him teaching things that he has NEVER mentioned during his previous visits! Continue reading

Seats Available For Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Show Taping Today!

Seats are still available for the Wednesday taping of the Jim Bakker Show with special guest Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.  The taping will begin at 10:00am and run through 3:30pm.  The Fireside Cafe will be open for those who wish to purchase lunch with a special lunch buffet however no break will be taken in the taping.

Seats will likely fill up early so if you want to join us at Morningside for the show tapings plan to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start of taping.

If you cannot make it in person, tomorrow’s taping will stream live on our website.