Rabbi Jonathan Cahn “Following God’s Heavenly Blueprint”


Whenever Rabbi Jonathan Cahn comes to Morningside, a unique peace falls over Grace street. The presence of the Holy Spirit embraces the audience and a calmness sweeps quietly from person to person. Rabbi’s voice has the ability to flow from his heart and into the listener’s spirit. There has never been a time when he has spoken here where he did not have a powerful message that God wanted us to hear. This time the words spoken over the crowd were powerfully personal.

Before God acts, he plans, and the Bible is a blueprint for the course of humankind and this world. We can see the movement of that blueprint throughout history but many wonder about the role that they play and for the purpose of their life. No one but Rabbi could make the answer feel so clear.

“The whole Book of Revelation is like a blueprint of what God is going to do. It talks about the lamb that was slain before the foundation of the earth. First it (the plan) is revealed then it comes. There is a pattern. If you have any question as to whether God has a purpose for your life I tell you this, God has a blueprint for the lives of ALL of His people. There IS a heavenly pattern to your life! “

Rabbi reassured the audience that God knows each and every one of us and that HE has had a divine plan for our lives all along. Many of us wonder how we will fulfill God’s plans for our lives? How do we do it?

According to Rabbi, the number one thing we can do to discover His plans for us is obedience to His Will. The more that you obey the Will of God, the more He will lead you into the destiny that is yet to come. Reading the Word of God and living by it is the second thing. The Word of God is the Will of God manifest, so the more you live your life according to the Will of God and the Word of God, the more the plans of God come to fruition. By living in the Word, you are following a general pattern of how you should live your life.

Another key to following God’s divine blueprint for your life is “living by faith”. Faith is what connects you to the will and the plans of God.

Rabbi continued by explaining that there is also something very sacred that will allow the plans and destiny of your life to be revealed.
“When God created the World, when he began the creation, the Bible says the Spirit of God was upon the waters. So, as He is creating, the ‘spirit of God ‘ is part of the act of creation. The spirit is the agent of God’s will. It translates the will of God into reality. The more you live your life according to the Spirit, by the HOLY spirit, the more the plans of God will be manifested.”

Living in the Spirit, moving to His Will, living in the heart of God, will lead you to the exact plan that God has for you.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn knows God’s Word and creatively related story after story within the scriptures and in his own life regarding God’s Divine plan for ordinary people, just like you and me, whose lives became extraordinary once they bowed to the Will of God in their lives and captured the blueprint that God had drawn up for them.

Imagine how much is given from heaven that has not been received. Imagine how many times people have begun living the pattern of the divine plan for their life, feel they have messed up and then just quit? But God does not give up on us. And if we go off track HE has a plan to get you back. Rabbi assures and encourages us not to be afraid to live this life that God intended for us.

“He does have a plan for you. God placed every one of you for His purpose. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are His workmanship!. You were conceived to glorify God! You were made to glorify God! You have a destiny to enter into that blueprint that he prepared for you … you have been called … a high and holy calling! Dare to take the Higher Ground! “

God is asking us to have faith. All it takes is one step in obedience towards His loving will, which will immediately set us on the path to finding the pattern and plan that He has created only for YOU! Are you ready to fulfill the glorious plans He has for your life? It is entirely up to you to make that choice!

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Rabbi Cahn kicks off 2016 Prophetic Conference with messages for America, Christians


Earlier this month, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn delivered a speech at the United Nations. His address centered on Israel, persecuted Christians and being the light of the world in the end times.

In a few weeks, the rabbi will speak at the Lincoln Memorial. He will address a gathering of Christian leaders who will pray for America’s future, asking God to bless and forgive the nation.

On Tuesday, Rabbi Cahn combined those messages during a special taping of The Jim Bakker Show.

The rabbi’s appearance marked the beginning of Morningside’s 2016 Prophetic Conference, a four-day event that gives prophets the opportunity to share their messages with the world during television tapings and evening worship services. Partners have traveled hundreds of miles from states like Florida, Michigan, New Mexico and North Carolina to be at the ministry this week, and hundreds packed the Grace Street studio to be a part of Rabbi Cahn’s kickoff taping.

Rabbi Cahn, the author of The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, said he believes that recent political decisions on key religious issues have left the United States at a critical juncture.

“We’ve witnessed a continual move on all of these issues. From pro-life, abortion, to marriage, to Israel, every single one — and now we’re at a point where these things will get sealed,” Rabbi Cahn said during the taping. “The Supreme Court, what happens there is going to be major. That will affect churches. It will affect the education of your children. It will affect everything. This is crucial, I believe.”

Pastor Jim Bakker agreed the country was facing important choices in the coming days.

“We’re on the brink of either going to God or running as far away as we can,” he said during the taping. “I believe the point of no return is here. It’s decision time. … We have got to have a supernatural, Biblical intervention of almighty God.”

The audience heard excerpts from Rabbi Cahn’s speech at the United Nations, titled The Agenda of the Light. The rabbi implored believers to stay true to the Biblical message that followers of Jesus are to be the light of the world, particularly in times when that becomes more and more difficult.

“What is the agenda of the light? It is to stand against the darkness,” Rabbi Cahn said during his United Nations speech. “So we must speak the truth at all times, regardless of what is popular, regardless of what is fashionable, regardless of what is politically correct, regardless of pressure when it comes upon us, regardless of the opinion of the day, and regardless of the cost.”

Rabbi Cahn echoed his speech on Grace Street, saying it becomes increasingly important to take a stand for God and His principles in times of great darkness like the world is witnessing today.

“You light a candle in the daytime, you can barely see it,” Rabbi Cahn said during the taping. “You light a candle at night, you can see that candle for miles and miles. That’s the difference.”

The rabbi’s comments were only a sampling of the prophetic messages that will be delivered at Morningside this week, as daily television tapings and evening services continue through Friday.

There is no cost to attend the tapings or evening services, a schedule of which appears below.

Taping: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (11:30 a.m.)
Evening Service: Joel Richardson (7 p.m.)

Taping: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Dino Kartsonakis (11:30 a.m.)
Evening Service: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (7 p.m.)

Taping: James Rickards (11:30 a.m.)
Evening Service: Michael Snyder (7 p.m.)

Taping: Lt. General Jerry Boykin (11:30 a.m.)
Evening Service: Hubie Synn (7 p.m.)

For more information on the guests, visit the 2016 Prophetic Conference web page.

Evening services will be live-streamed on jimbakkershow.com and the PTL Television Network on Roku. Tapings will not be live-streamed, but the episodes will be uploaded to the Video on Demand section of jimbakkershow.com and the PTL Television Network before they air on TV.

Rabbi Home Again at Morningside- November 17th and 18th


It is a warm homecoming every time we welcome Rabbi Jonathan Cahn back to Grace Street and the Jim Bakker Show! Join us Tuesday, November 17th and Wednesday, November 18th at Morningside, as Rabbi teaches more on the Harbingers, the Shemitah, this powerful year of Jubilee and the promises of God.

Rabbi has rocked the world with his gentle, prophetic, yet unyielding messages. He is known throughout the world as well as greatly respected. He recently had the honor of addressing the United Nations with his profound revelations. He has changed the perspective and goals of many church leaders and inspired millions!

Best selling author of The Harbinger and The Mysteries of the Shemitah as well as many other books and video messages, Rabbi has been warning America to turn back to God. But, as always, his message also fills our hearts with joy and hope. As he ends many of his speaking engagements Rabbi will inpart this wonderful word:

“No matter how great the odds, no matter how imposing the opposition, no matter how formidable the challenge, if you stand for God, if you hold to what is true, if you fight the good fight, remember this: you are on the winning side.”

We always have a big crowd for taping with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn so be sure to come early and grab a seat. It will be a remarkable two days of insight with one of our most favorite teachers and prophets. Taping begins on Grace Street at 11:30am CT. Or watch us via live feed on Jimbakkershow.com/watch-us-live.

Jonathan Cahn: The Shemitah That Was and the Shaking to Come


My great and true friend Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and I agree that it is time for an update on the Shemitah and it’s impact on this world.  In my heart there is still an urgency to prepare for what is to come.

We have spent hundreds of hours studying the signs of the times, reading God’s word and looking at the events that are right in front of us. We have warned of financial repercussions and have seen incredible signs of the falling apart of our financial system.  But there is no one that can speak about the Shemitah that was and the Shaking that is to come better than Rabbi himself. I urge you to take the time to read this message and pray for discernment.

“Know that in all things, God remains absolutely on the throne. And the one who lives in His will, lives and stands on the winning side. Now is not the time to be silent, fearful, or compromised, but to be all the more strong and all the more bold.”  ~ Rabbi Jonathan Cahn


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The following originally posted by Charisma News

Jonathan Cahn: The Shemitah That Was and the Shaking to Come

I believe it is important to give an update.

I have given warning concerning judgment. I have said that I believe America is rapidly advancing toward calamity—that we have crossed the line in our apostasy and defiance of God. I’ve warned that if America continues in its present course, if there’s no return to God, its crown as head of nations will be removed and that I believe a great shaking is coming to this nation and the world.

As for when these things are to take place, I have from the beginning always issued a strong caution, in spoken word and in writing, from The Mystery of the Shemitah itself onward—specifically that we cannot be dogmatic about timing, and that nothing has to take place on a particular date or season, or according to any set calendar, or even as God has done before.

I have ministered that it is wise to be aware of the signs and seasons of the times, and that though such things can take place on biblically relevant times or dates, nothing has to happen on any particular date, whether within the parameters of the Shemitah or in its wake. Our focus must be not on dates but on God and getting right with Him.

At the same time, we remain in a dangerous period—and one of the reasons I’ve always cautioned regarding dates is that I never wanted such focus to obscure or minimize the larger picture: that regardless of what does or does not happen a particular date, America is racing toward judgment.

In The Mystery of the Shemitah, I share of biblical patterns which, at times, have had stunningly precise manifestations. Each of the last two Shemitahs has climaxed with the greatest stock market point crashes in history on the same exact biblical daya once-in-seven-year day that happens to be appointed in the Bible for the effecting of financial remission and nullification. It remains a stunningly and eerily precise historical reality.

And precisely because it is so precise and because it happened in the last two of the Shemitah’s cyclesmany saw it as an absolute that a massive stock market day crash had to take place on the next such day, September 13. Thus we have cautioned repeatedly that this particular manifestation and any particular manifestation does not have to occur in every or any one of the Shemitah’s cycles.

 At the same time … having said and having said again all these things—there are a number of very large and significant facts to be noted: 

The Shemitah of 2015 has, in fact, followed the most prevalent of the Shemitah’s templates. 

What was missed by most in focusing on only one day, was that the largest and most prevalent of the Shemitah’s templates has, in fact, manifested. The Elul 29 day crash is only one of several manifestations, an exception and a minority template. In each of the last seven of the Shemitahs there has been a collapse—but only two of those seven collapses have involved an Elul 29 day crash. The majority have taken place according to a much larger template.

The larger and, by far, the predominant of the Shemitah’s templates is that of a long-term collapse, a collapse taking place over the course of several months, or one in which a rising stock market comes to an end, peaks within the Shemitah year, reverses its momentum, and begins a continuous descent. This descent may, at times, involve increasing volatility and dramatic day crashes, particularly in proximity to the Shemitah climax. And this is exactly what occurred in the Shemitah of 2015. 

*The 2015 Shemitah has followed this larger and predominant of the Shemitah’s patterns, a template that appears in the book repeatedly.

Following the Shemitah’s pattern… 

– The Shemitah of 2015 ended a rising stock market on May 19, a market that then reversed its overall momentum and began a long-term descent for the rest of the Shemitah year.

– As it approached its final phase, the stock market and its descent grew increasingly and dramatically volatile.

– Nearing its conclusion in late August, the Shemitah produced some of the most dramatic days in stock market history—most notably what would be called Black Monday—and which would trigger the collapse of stock markets throughout the world.

– The Shemitah of 2015 produced the greatest stock market intraday collapse in world historya crash of over 1000 points.

– It would usher in the dramatic financial collapse of the world’s new economic engine—China.

– The collapse of China’s financial realm alone constituted one of the greatest long-term stock market crashes in history and, by itself, would make 2015 one of the most significant of Shemitahs.

– The amount wiped out from the Shanghai Exchange, in the space of just a few months was over 40 percent.

– The amount wiped out by the Shemitah of 2015, from the U.S. market, from its peak to Elul 29, would approach 2 trillion dollars!

– The amount wiped out from international markets in the same period would exceed 5 trillion dollars!

In many of the Shemitah years, the turbulence and collapse continue and may intensify past Elul 29, into the period of the Shemitah’s wake. In others, they do not. But whatever happens from this point forward, the Shemitah has already and again powerfully manifested.

Other key manifestations that have marked 2015 as an especially significant Shemitah year:

The Mystery of the Shemitah chronicles how the Shemitah has marked the shifting of world power. So it was again. The American Age began in 1871, when it became the strongest economic power on earth. Within the parameters of the Shemitah of 2015, that era has officially come to its end.

– The Shemitah of 1973 became a milestone in America’s moral and spiritual collapse as the Supreme Court legalized the killing of the unborn. The Shemitah of 2015 was no less a milestone in this fall—as it was the year that the nation’s hedges protecting the biblical definition of marriage collapsed across the land, and were then, by the Supreme Court, conclusively struck down.

I have said that I believe it is wisdom to be prepared and that regardless of what happens, it is always wise to have essentials on hand—and yet that each needs to be led by the Lord in such things. For you who have done so, I believe you’ve been wise and are prepared and better off than you would have been otherwise. Regardless of what the future holds, it is a wise insurance that can always be used. And of course the most important preparation one can do is to be right with God.

I have said and repeat now that we stand as a nation in danger of judgment. The Shemitah is one template by which judgment may be manifested. Whether or not what is yet to come will be joined to what has happened in the most recent Shemitah, I believe that this nation is in and approaches days both critical and perilous. I see ahead, apart from the hand of God, days of apostasy and persecution, and, by the hand of God, a great shaking.

At the same time, God’s heart is salvation. And the purpose of shaking is to bring to repentance, salvation, and revival to those who will come. At this point I believe it is only through shaking that a true and great revival can come.

For you who would seek safety, the word for safety in Hebrew is Yeshua. And Yeshua is the name of Jesus. Thus the only way to be safe is to be in Jesus, Yeshua. As for you who are in Yeshua, the safest place to be is in the will of God. Make sure that’s where you are.

Know that in all things, God remains absolutely on the throne. And the one who lives in His will, lives and stands on the winning side. Now is not the time to be silent, fearful, or compromised, but to be all the more strong and all the more bold. When the night comes and the dark grows even darker, it is then time, for the lights of God to shine even more brightly. Be strong and of good courage. Proclaim the good news of Messiah. And pray for revival but don’t only pray for revival—Live in revival.

And as the apostasy progresses, as America races to judgment, as the biblical signs, principles, and harbingers of judgment continue to manifest, and as the events of the last days continue to unfold, I will, and we must, continue to sound the trumpet and the alarm, to call to repentance those who will come, and to draw the lost to Messiah Jesus, Yeshua, who remains the same yesterday, today, and forever and the only answer, the only way, and the only hope America has and all have, to be saved.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn returns to Morningside in October!


Our friend and teacher, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn will be returning to Morningside on Wednesday October 14th and Thursday October 15th with tapings beginning at 11:30am CT each day. We are so excited to be able to move up his visit from the original November dates.

Jonathan Cahn is known for opening up the deep mysteries of scripture and teaching of the prophetic. The revelation found in his book” The Harbinger” revolutionized the way Christians and historians viewed what is happening in America according to biblical prophecy. In his most recent book The Mystery of the Shemitah his stunning revelations shine light on everything from the greatest stock market crashes in Wall Street history, the World Wars, the rise and fall of great powers, the Cold War, 9/11, even the rise of America and a warning of it’s fall.

What does the Shemitah hold as the key to the future? Join us on Grace Street as we welcome this truly amazing teacher! If you’re unable to join our studio audience for these amazing shows, please join us through our Live Stream!

WND: Harbinger Man: ‘The time is now to prepare’


Author and Bible teacher Jonathan Cahn says he has been so swamped with questions and concerns about the looming end of the Shemitah year on Sept. 13 that he can’t answer them all.

“We have been deluged with people calling, emailing, asking questions from all over the country, wanting to know what’s happening. So we decided to put out a video,” Cahn told WND via email.

In the message, posted to YouTube, Cahn calls for a period of national prayer and repentance leading up to the pivotal month of September.

He also issued a new warning about a “desecration” that often precedes judgment and is already present in American society. He calls for Christians to prepare for persecution and get ready to stand for God in a coming period of strife that will increasingly be devoid of “gray areas” or middle ground.

Continue reading at WND – Harbinger Man: ‘The time is now to prepare’

Get Into The Word!

Ever since God opened up door for me to minister to others, I have said that there are 3 different types of people who read the Word.  There are the surface readers that simply, casually read it.  They don’t really get into it but they can basically follow along.

Then there are the second kind of people who really get into the Word, finding out more about the Word, the time periods, where Jesus actually walked etc.. This certainly can be a fun place to be!   But then there are a very special category of people.  These types of people are not satisfied with the mainline Christianity but want to dive into the supernatural realm. Continue reading

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Addresses United Nations About Christian ‘Holocaust’


Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, The New York Times best-selling author of The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, addressed the United Nations on Friday about the worsening persecution of Christians in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Cahn, the senior rabbi at the Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, New Jersey, was invited along with other Jewish and Christian leaders, businessmen and high-ranking military officials, to speak at the conference entitled, “The Persecution of Christians Globally: A Threat to International Peace and Security.”

Source: Charisma News – Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Addresses United Nations About Christian ‘Holocaust’