Venus, Jupiter To Provide “Best Backyard Sky Show”


Astronomers around the world are preparing for a major galactic event tonight, when Venus and Jupiter will cross paths in the night sky.

“To the eye they’ll look like a double star,” Sky & Telescope editor Kelly Beatty said on the magazine’s website.

Some of the astronomers say that the convergence of the two planets is so bright and noticeable that it could have been the “star of Bethlehem” that is mentioned in the Bible. The planets will be a “jaw-dropping one-third of a degree apart” according to NASA.

“You’ll be able to hide the pair not just behind the palm of your outstretched hand, but behind your little pinky finger,” NASA says.

NASA says the convergence of the planets takes place about every 13 months. However, it’s rare that the planets will come so close together in the night sky. The next time the planets will be this close will be November 2065 when they will appear to cross paths.

ISIS Threatens “Mass Slaughter of Christians” in Israel


Islamic militants claiming connection to ISIS are warning that they will “cleanse” Israel of all Christians and “non-believers” by the end of Ramadan unless they leave the country.

“Those who work with the Zionists also encourage Muslims to leave their religion and become more secular and open, and they spread evil,” Arabic-language leaflets warns, according to The Jerusalem Post. “They take these Muslims away from us. … We know where they are, but we need help to find them all — all those Christian collaborators.”

“ISIS soldiers will work to kill these people so this country is clean of them and … will clean this country and the Muslim Quarter from these Christians during this holy Ramadan.”

The Jerusalem Post said that no Arabic Christians who received the note would talk to them but their neighbors said the messages have rattled the community.

“They’re fearful for their lives and don’t want to go to the police because they feel that the police won’t be responsive,” an Israeli man told the Post, requesting anonymity.

“What’s most problematic is that in this case individuals aren’t being targeted but an entire group, which is pretty darn serious. If leaflets with swastikas and similar threats were sent to Jewish neighborhoods, people would be outraged. I hope and pray it amounts to nothing at all.”

ISIS has called for terror attacks during Ramadan and has taken responsibility for attacks last week in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.