Crimes Against Humanity


Will the last one out . . . please turn off the lights? Where has justice gone? Does freedom reign supreme? Who stole our precious liberties and took our Christian rights away? Who is guilty of crimes against humanity, but those who allow our Christian standards to be taken from us one by one? At what point did we allow the right to declare that “Jesus is Lord” become politically incorrect even in our own Christian Cathedrals. Continue reading

2015 Word of the Lord

Seeking the Lord for a word for the new year is always a very serious pursuit and this year is even more crucial as we see the “red lights of prophecy” flashing all around us and God’s plan unfolding at breakneck speed. The Lord began to speak to me while we were in Israel, and the word that I give to you I sincerely pray will resonate with your spirit and cause you to be more prepared for these times we see looming on the horizon. Remember that in the midst of all the turmoil there is a promise of His Return and that is cause for great rejoicing! Continue reading

Open Doors Says 2014 Had Worst Christian Prosecution in 20 Years


A Christian persecution watchdog group announced that the level of Christian persecution last year was the highest worldwide since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Open Doors USA said that 2014 was far more violent than 2013 and that it was the worst year of persecution since the group started tracking violence against Christians 24 years ago.

“Perhaps most chilling is the fact that all the factors, all of the issues that made this a violent year for Christian persecution are still in place,” said David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors, at the press conference.

“During the past reporting period we can confirm that 4,344 people were executed or murdered for their faith in Jesus Christ. Over twice that of the previous reporting period.”

The comments from Curry came as Open Doors USA released their annual list of the countries where Christian persecution is the highest.

North Korea maintains the number one spot for the thirteenth year in a row.

Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Eritrea, and Nigeria round out the top 10.

Africa had the most countries on the list and Islamic terrorism was the driving force in 40 of 50 nations.

Dallas Hit With Swarm Of Earthquakes


A swarm of earthquakes has struck in the Dallas area.

Part of the blame is being thrown toward the Dallas Cowboys.

Seismologists have been placing monitoring stations around the site of the old Texas Stadium, the longtime home of the Dallas Cowboys. The stadium was imploded April 2010.

A fault line ran directly underneath the stadium’s location. Seismologists say it’s possible the implosion caused stress energy in the fault to release causing small shifts.

“If you beat on this and shake it, it’s going to have a tendency to slide. Not the big ones [faults], but all the little ones,” Dr. Len Kubicek, a geology professor at nearby North Lake College told CBS. “It can splinter into several faults and one of these little faults, especially where that stadium was, you do an explosion on top of it and beat it up and down — it has a tendency to move.”

Environmentalists say that it’s more likely wastewater injected during fracking is the cause of the quakes. However, Dr. Kubicek and state officials say there are no fracking wells within the city.

Dr. Kubicek says it’s unlikely there will be a huge quake.

“If you get a lot of small earthquakes you’re probably not going to ever get a big one. Because if you have a big earthquake you have to have a lot of stored energy; and if you keep having little ones you can’t store it.”