Putin – Nemesis of New World Order (part 2)


Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin transformed the old Soviet Union by imposing Kremlin control over most aspects of public life in Russia. He has returned to the Presidency and could remain in that position until 2024, giving him a rule comparable in length with that of Brezhnev and Stalin era.

The new Russia made it clear to Washington and its allies that by seizing power in Crimea that the future of the Ukraine and that region will not be decided by the West, the United Nations or the New World Order.

China Warns Russia of the coming Armageddon initiated by the United States and its Allies. China says they want to eliminate all the nations that will not follow after the dictates of the NWO. Continue reading

Revelation 13 (Pt. 6)

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For some time the world has been moving toward a cashless society. Soon, we are told, even checks will be a part of our economic history as more and more transactions will be done electronically. You know how this works; you probably pay many of your monthly bills now without ever taking a dollar out of your wallet or writing a check. Your computer is set to make the transaction for you in the right amount and on the proper date. It’s easy and convenient. After all, you could lose cash or misplace the checks. Even credit cards will soon be history. With increasing threats of identity theft, the world will be ready and willing to accept some way of maintaining control. All of your per­sonal information, from your bank accounts to your medical records, will be computerized and stored online, perhaps in the cyberspace “cloud.” Continue reading

Arctic Blast Returning Despite The Calendar Showing Spring


The calendar says spring but the thermometers will likely be showing winter temperatures to a majority of the U.S. as another arctic blast sweeps in to start the week.

Forecasters say that temperatures could be as much as 20 degrees below normal in parts of the Midwest and Northwest and 25 degrees below normal in the upper Midwest.

Northern Minnesota cities such as Duluth and International Falls could see high temperatures this week that will stay in the teens and lows well below zero.  Cities as far south as St. Louis and Cincinnati could see highs only around 30.

In addition, upper New England faces the strong possibility of a blizzard striking around mid-week.  Parts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine could see upwards of a foot of snow before the weekend.

Other parts of New England could see several inches of snow as the bulk of the blizzard will just miss their areas.

A warming trend is expected to start over the weekend.

2014 Ready Now Expo Day 2

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Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker welcome Bobby Conner to the 2014 Ready NOW Expo for Day 2 on The Jim Bakker Show. Continue reading