Prophetic Warnings and Faith

I’ve written before about how God inspires prophetic utterances, and how they sometimes startle me. But, the truth is that I’ve learned to distinguish God’s voice and trust Him when He says something. That comes with years and years of having my senses trained by the Holy Spirit to know when something is an important message for others in the Body of Christ.

The Bible says that your senses are trained with use. If you refuse to use what He gives you, you could lose the ability to hear, i.e. if you don’t use it, you lose it! You must always be willing to “stick your neck out” because if you hold back on what the voice of the Lord gives you, you could eventually lose the ability to discern His voice, or He would simply go on to someone else who would be obedient to speak what He gives you. Continue reading

I Am Somebody!

I wondered why somebody didn’t do something. Then I realized, I am somebody. ~Author Unknown

I’ve heard so many people say that this task of getting prepared for disasters is just too much for them. Some have no support or backing whatsoever from anyone in their family, and consider it a daunting task to go it alone. Some have made a gallant start and then run into resistance by financial circumstances or other situations beyond their control. Some wouldn’t be caught dead (pun unintended) prepping, afraid that others would think they were really “out there.” And others have good intentions to do it someday.

But recently, those who have never been preppers before are starting to get prepared now. There’s something going on in people’s hearts that tells them it’s time and no more procrastinating! Continue reading

Obedience is Better than Sacrifice

We have been talking a lot on the show about the prophecies of David Wilkerson, some written over 30 years ago. We now know they’re for today because we can see them coming to pass before our very eyes. We believe that these prophecies have been illuminated for this time in our prophetic juncture so that God could remind His people of His faithfulness.

The referrals we are making to David’s books and prophecies are not to lift him up, because even he would resist that! No, we are not flattering anybody – we are simply declaring the word that he prophesied because it rings true with the Bible and with everything going on in our world.

Our use of David Wilkerson’s books and prophecies have caused quite a stir, even a phenomenon on line – the value of anything he has written has skyrocketed to ridiculous numbers! I wish David were still here to see this happening, but I know he is finally smiling from heaven. Continue reading