John Shorey Returning to Morningside!

john shorey handshake

John Shorey, expert prepper and prophet from the the desert, will be returning to Morningside three days of seminars February 8th, 10th, and 11th! We are delighted to welcome him back home!

The Author of “The Window of the Lord’s Return” and “Unlocking the Mystery of the Book of Revelation” will be giving seminars on ‘Food Security’, ‘The Preppers Top 10 Keys to Survival’ and ‘Last Minute Prepping’.

John’s schedule for the week will be as follows:

Monday, February 8th- 11am CT~ John Shorey Seminar “Food Security” on Grace Street.

Wednesday, February 10th- 11am CT ~John continues his teaching with the Seminar “The Preppers Top Ten Keys to Survival”on Grace Street.

Friday, February 11th- 11am CT~ Another great John Shorey Seminar, “ Last Minute Prepping” on Grace Street.

John Shorey has inspired thousands and thousands with his books and his knowledge. Don’t miss this remarkable week at Morningside! If you are unable to be a part of our studio audience, please watch the John Shorey seminars on Monday, Wednesday and Friday via the live feed at