Do You Not Remember?


Mark 8:18 NIV Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember?

Today I am calling on you for prayer. As you know, I try very hard to stay out of the political arena and use my energies in teaching the book of Revelation and in fulfilling what God has asked of me. The Lord spoke to me years ago, telling me that Lori and I would help create a place where the Prophets of these days would have a voice. With God’s amazing blessings, our show has brought to us the most remarkable people of God that have been revealing the truth about these End times, layer by layer. Continue reading

Jewish Cemetery In Poland Defaced In Anti-Semitic Attack


Anti-Semitic vandals desecrated a Jewish cemetery near the site of “Bloody Wednesday” where Jewish men were gathered in the town square of Olkusz, Poland and beaten in 1940.

The vandals painted pentagrams on the tombstones they knocked over and destroyed. They also painted the Polish name of Pope John Paul II on some stones.

“Bloody Wednesday” took place in Olkusz on July 31, 1940. Soldiers went through the town gathering the Jewish men to bring to the town’s square. The men were then severely beaten by the soldiers and residents of the town.

One of the most offensive moments was captured in photographs of the incident when Rabbi Moshe Yitzchak Hagerman is forced to stand barefoot standing over six Jewish men who were forced to lay on the ground in front of Nazi troops. Hagerman was forced to wear a prayer shawl that the soldiers had urinated upon moments earlier.

Hagerman was killed in Majdanek in 1942. The rest of the town’s Jews were shipped to Auschwitz in 1942 where most were killed.